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handstand coach

Bray Buenrostro is an international Acrobat and Fitness professional born in Guadalajara Mexico. After years of travelling, performing at an elite level and teaching classes and workshops in various countries. He has created an effective training system to save you time, money, and frustration by giving you the 6-step Handstand progression secret. His programs will help you build your confidence so that you can safely stand on your hands. His experience, passion, and attention to detail will help you quickly gain the knowledge and strength you need to achieve your freestanding handstand and fitness goals.

Here are four reasons to

train with us



Whether you are just beginning or continuing your handstand journey, our programs are designed to make your training fun so that you feel motivated to keep going!


You’ll receive personal care and the undivided guidance of Bray from the moment you start until the end. We’re not about “DIY”, we’re about “let’s do it together”.


Unlike other training programs, Bray’s is not a “Do as I say coach” but a “Do as I do coach”. His knowledge and dedication inspire his students across the world through leading example. He preaches what he teaches.


Whether online or face-to-face, Bray’s goal is to help his students become the best they can be. You’ll receive ongoing support throughout your training to ensure you get it right from the start.

Your goal is my passion.

My mission is to bring incredible confidence to people around. My goal is to inspire you to be physically active and become the best possible version of yourself with handstand training

Bray Buenrostro

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