Do handstands Build Muscle?

Do handstands Build Muscle?

There’s no question that most adults, no matter how strong or athletic they are, are intimidated by handstands.

But just because you didn’t take gymnastics as a kid and are scared to death of falling on your head when attempting them doesn’t mean you should avoid handstands forever.

Because not only are handstands fun (I mean, really, what’s more fun than being upside down and feeling like a kid again?), they’re actually really, really good for you.

I’ll tell you why in a second, but first, here’s how to get started with handstands:


When you’re just starting your handstand journey, the wall will be your best friend and training tool. Even advanced hand balancers continue to use the wall to build up endurance and work technique.

Here’s how to do a handstand against the wall:

  • Face away from the wall, place your hands on the ground about shoulder-width apart, and walk your feet up into a handstand.
  • Push up through your shoulders and keep your core engaged and ribs pulled in as you walk up to vertical.
  • Once you get to the top position, push up, even more, point your toes, and continue to engage your core.
  • Work up to holding a handstand for three rounds of 60-second holds.

Optional: Place a pillow or ab mat underneath your head to decrease your fear of crashing.

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