How long would it take me to do a handstand?

Practice makes the master. While some people may take longer than others, I’ve helped people achieve a free-standing handstand in 6 weeks

Is learning handstands difficult?

Just like any other sport, dedication, focus and discipline are key factors in the master of handstands. This program provides you with proper tools and visual instruction from my 10 years of experience to help you believe in yourself and overcome fear while building strong foundations

How do I know handstands training is for me?

Most people have the misconception that handstands are only for the strong and elite athletes. However, this program takes you through gymnastics fundamentals movement patterns and fundamentals shapes that allow you to learn step by step. Handstands is like walking, we did not learn to walk, we as babies build the foundations through movement in different planes

Should I use the wall?

While using the wall can help you increase your hold time, it doesn’t help your technique nor control and balance. My handstand program is a “none wall” program designed to keep you independent from using the wall and only using it for the right purpose

I can already hold a free-standing handstand, what's next?

If you already can do a freestanding handstand, the next step is to clean your alignment and work on your mobility so that you are able to transition to shapes. My Mobility program focuses on increases hip, shoulders and spine mobility to allow you to flow on your hands with ease and be able to unlock other shapes and arm balances.