Cirque Athletics® in Burleigh, GC.

Cirque Athletics® in Burleigh, GC.

Essem Yoga studio Welcomes Cirque Athletics®

At my arrival to the Gold Coast I have found myself an excellent space to run my first Cirque Athletics® handstand workshop. Essem Yoga located in Nobby beach is a cozzie little studio located just a few meters from the beach. Owned by Emiline, this was the perfect spot to introduce myself to the community and share some of my coaching experience with some of the locals.

I met Emiline one day while I was walking down the area and spotted her place, I immediately came by to introduce myself and she gave me the warmest welcome I certainly wasn’t expecting. She even told me a about a few nice beaches and places to visit, turns out she even speaks Spanish as she has been previously working in Mexico before. -What a Small world!

When the date and times were agreed, it was time now to get ready for the handstand enthusiasts.

Gold coast loves handstands

I must say that one of the things I most love about running workshops is meeting new people. One can never imagine that different kind of personalities that simply love the practice of handstands, from Yogis, bodybuilders, circus performers to fitness enthusiasts. Well, this workshop wasn’t an exception. There was a beautiful turn up of 7 people ready to immerse themselves into a two day Bootcamp of movement, muscle conditioning and handstand theory.

I met a bodybuilder, a gymnastics coach, an acro-yogi, a circus school owner (also a teacher) and a couple of handstand lovers and they all were very well receiving of what I had to offer.

The workshop

On day one, we studied the fundamentals element of a handstand such as the base of support, the tension force and core engagement. The workshop started off with a mobility 15 min warm-up and continued with the practice of drills and movement patterns. Each participant was given a selection of drills to train their brain and condition the body to think upside down.-literally. On day two, it was time to get hands-on with me. One by one each person had to opportunity to get a feel of hardstanding with a spotter and put in practice all the theory.

I must say I was impressed by the effort and dedication each of them put in. They all achieved a free-standing solid handstand at the end of the day. However, it doesn’t end there, now it all up to them to keep training hard

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