Handstand Privates

Handstand Privates

Just because you didn’t take gymnastics as a kid and are scared to death of falling on your head when attempting them doesn’t mean you should avoid handstands forever.

In order to stay in a handstand for any amount of time, you need to be able to actually hold yourself upside down—meaning you’ll be bearing your full weight on your hands for an extended period of time.
And yes, it can be pretty tiring, but they’re worth it: handstands strengthen pretty much every muscle in your arms, shoulders, and upper body, making them one of the most beneficial upper body exercises you can do.
  • Eliminate the fear of falling over
  • Learn simple drills to correct alignment and achieve a straight handstand shape
  • Learn to increase the time you can hold a handstand
  • Build the confidence and skill necessary to leave the wall behind and be able to handstand anywhere.
  • Make your upper body super strong
  • Build your core strength
  • Increase your overall balance
  • Boost your mood and regulate your metabolism



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